Our Germany game server hosting location is ideally located for European customers in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Poland, Denmark, Czech Republic, Austria, Slovakia and Hungary.

Germany Datacenter & Hardware

MarkMods uses different TUV-certified datacenters in Nuremberg / Falkenstein / Vogtl, Germany.
With many redundant internet connections to the largest German internet exchange, DE-CIX, as well as a direct connection to German Telekom, to ensure the smooth operation of your game server through entire Europe.
All our servers are equiped with Intel core i7 3770 @ 3.4 GHZ, 32 GB DDR3 RAM, Microsoft Windows 8 PRO 64bit connected at 1000 Mbit/s ( 1 Gbit/s ! ).

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Germany Demo servers

Game Server IP Players Map Name
MOH SH5.9.50.58:72030/0none
Napoleonic Wars5.9.53.70:252400/0none
Napoleonic Wars5.9.53.70:152400/0none
Napoleonic Wars5.9.53.70:112400/0none
Napoleonic Wars5.9.53.70:172400/0none
Napoleonic Wars5.9.53.70:122400/0none
MaB Fire & Sword5.9.50.39:52400/0none
rfactor5.9.50.58:311973/26Birmingham Superprix
rfactor5.9.50.39:341971/30Nutts Corner Raceway
rfactor5.9.53.70:411970/26rFR Magny Cours
rfactor5.9.50.39:311970/34Ipswich Hotrod
rfactor5.9.50.58:441970/1416 - MAL - Sepang '16
JK JA5.9.53.214:300701/16mb2_dotf
SWAT4 TSS5.9.53.70:114800/10Mt. Threshold Research Center
SWAT4 TSS5.9.50.39:74800/6-EXP- Sellers Street Auditorium
SWAT45.9.53.214:84800/20-EXP- Drug Lab
SWAT4 SSF5.9.53.214:64800/0none
SWAT45.9.50.39:84807/16A-Bomb Nightclub
SWAT45.9.50.58:134800/8St. Michael's Medical Center
SWAT45.9.50.39:154800/5A-Bomb Nightclub
SWAT45.9.53.214:204800/5The Wolcott Projects
SWAT45.9.50.58:274800/5A-Bomb Nightclub
SWAT45.9.53.214:54800/20A-Bomb Nightclub
* Policies on these demo dedicated servers we host are enforced by clients and not by MarkMods

Perfect Coverage in entire Europe, from Germany

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Countries covered with perfect gaming experiences:

  • Austria
  • Andorra
  • Belgium
  • Belarus
  • Bosnia and Herzegovin
  • Bulgaria
  • Croatia
  • Cyprus
  • Czech Republic
  • Denmark
  • Estonia
  • Finland
  • France
  • Germany
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  • Italy
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