SWAT 4 Server List

v1.0 & v1.1

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SWAT 4 v1.0 & v1.1 only

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SWAT 4:The Stetchkov Syndicate only

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Germany MarkMods.com Game server hosting ... 0/20-EXP- Drug Lab5.9.53.214:8480Join

Canada MarkMods.com Game server hosting ... 0/20-MODv- Precinct HQ 1.1192.99.6.210:7480Join

Poland GG: 424346 SERWER GRY SWAT4 24/7 + cPANEL ... 0/4The Wolcott ProjectsBarricaded Suspects87.204.155.55:10080Join
Germany WWW.HOUSEOFPAiN.TK (Antics) ... 12/12A-Bomb NightclubBarricaded Suspects31.186.250.156:10480Join
United Kingdom Forever United ... 1/18Food Wall RestaurantVIP Escort109.70.149.161:10480Join
Poland |ESA| Polski Serwer Taktyczny | www.esa.ugu.pl ... 0/8DuPlessis Diamond CenterCO-OP62.21.98.150:9490Join
France MarkMods.com Game server hosting ... 0/20A-Bomb NightclubVIP Escort195.154.46.234:7480Join
United States Gam3r$ SwaT ˇˇ4ˇˇ ... 5/16A-Bomb NightclubBarricaded Suspects74.91.112.138:10480Join
United States SwatMP ... 2/5Old Granite HotelCO-OP108.61.25.6:26480Join
Germany Suspect's Heaven Public Server ... 7/16The Wolcott ProjectsBarricaded Suspects5.9.50.39:8480Join
Brazil ILHA MAUDITA ... 0/10Fairfax ResidenceBarricaded Suspects179.34.152.244:10480Join
Netherlands WWW.HOUSEOFPAiN.TK (War Server) ... 0/8Food Wall RestaurantBarricaded Suspects37.97.152.27:10480Join
United States «s|F|s» Special Force Squad ... 0/10A-Bomb NightclubBarricaded Suspects104.247.202.52:7480Join
United States |LOS|League of Shado ... 0/14Brewer County CourthouseVIP Escort71.183.233.43:501Join
United States Test Svr... ... 0/16Mt. Threshold Research CenterVIP Escort198.37.105.9:10280Join
Germany *UnLimited Gaming* (Antics) † ... 2/4A-Bomb NightclubBarricaded Suspects5.9.53.214:14480Join
Italy Outer Heaven Pubblic ... 0/16[c=00ff00]Food Wall Restaurant by FlOoBarricaded Suspects185.25.205.222:10480Join
United States BEST SWAT FORCE ... 0/16A-Bomb NightclubBarricaded Suspects162.251.118.172:5480Join
Italy «|xXx|» Italian clan Antics_V1 ... 0/16A-Bomb NightclubBarricaded Suspects95.110.199.175:10480Join
Germany ||ESA|| Starship! 2VK=Kick! ... 15/20Brewer County CourthouseVIP Escort95.172.92.224:11180Join
Germany ||ESA|| Jungle! RD AutoDL! ... 0/16Red Library OfficesRapid Deployment95.172.92.224:11480Join
Argentina «{AS}» ADICTOS AL SWAT CON SMAC ACTIVADO ... 0/12A-Bomb NightclubBarricaded Suspects190.112.0.3:10380Join
Argentina >|SS|<Argentina By Cyberian Games ... 0/16Food Wall RestaurantBarricaded Suspects190.0.163.30:10480Join
United States No-Clan ... 0/8A-Bomb NightclubBarricaded Suspects24.223.80.91:10480Join
United States «|SoH|» Shadow Of Heroes ... 0/14The Wolcott ProjectsVIP Escort108.61.25.4:16480Join
Germany ||ESA|| European Swat4 Alliance BS! ... 0/16A-Bomb NightclubBarricaded Suspects144.76.8.16:11480Join
South Korea [Korea Teamplay Server ... 0/9DuPlessis Diamond CenterCO-OP210.123.113.72:50110Join
South Korea [Korea CustomMap Server ... 0/9-AITA- Harbor-TSSCO-OP210.123.113.72:50130Join
Germany esL | Electronic Sports League * ... 0/8Food Wall RestaurantBarricaded Suspects144.76.8.16:12480Join
United States »)KPA)» Killer Pro Assault ... 0/12Food Wall RestaurantBarricaded Suspects162.251.118.173:5480Join

Poland GG: 424346 SERWER GRY SWAT4 24/7 + cPANEL ... 0/24The Wolcott ProjectsBarricaded Suspects87.204.155.55:10480Join
Canada MarkMods.com Game server hosting ... 0/20A-Bomb NightclubBarricaded Suspects192.99.6.210:6480Join
Brazil Clan ||GEAT || BRASIL 24h ... 0/10Food Wall RestaurantBarricaded Suspects200.98.147.27:10795Join
France -==MYT Pistols Only Svr==- ... 0/12Qwik Fuel Convenience StoreBarricaded Suspects62.210.142.5:10580Join
Brazil Squadra Furiosa Brasil 03 ... 0/12Old Granite HotelBarricaded Suspects200.98.147.27:12490Join
Poland |ESA| Polski Serwer Taktyczny | www.esa.ugu.pl ... 0/8The Wolcott ProjectsCO-OP62.21.98.150:9495Join
Brazil Resis7ence Gaming BRASIL ... 0/12Food Wall RestaurantBarricaded Suspects200.98.147.27:10780Join
France -==MYT Co-op Svr==- ... 1/6St. Michael's Medical CenterCO-OP62.210.142.5:10880Join
Germany ||ESA|| Wild Wild West! VIP 1.1! ... 0/16Children of Taronne TenementVIP Escort95.172.92.224:12280Join
Brazil Squadra Furiosa Brasil 01 ... 0/12Children of Taronne TenementBarricaded Suspects200.98.147.27:10498Join
Germany Specserver ... 0/16Red Library OfficesBarricaded Suspects5.9.50.58:7480
Canada Argonath SWAT 4 ... 0/10DuPlessis Diamond CenterCO-OP198.100.154.59:10480Join
Germany FairPlay Gaming | CO-OP ~$ PUBLIC_ ... 0/5DuPlessis Diamond CenterCO-OP5.9.53.214:6480Join
Brazil Squadra Furiosa Brasil 02 ... 0/14A-Bomb NightclubBarricaded Suspects200.98.147.27:12485Join
Brazil Clă |»HUNTERS«| Brasil ... 0/12Food Wall RestaurantBarricaded Suspects200.98.147.27:10480Join
France -==MYT Team Svr==- ... 16/16Mt. Threshold Research CenterVIP Escort62.210.142.5:10480Join
Brazil | » L ! o N « | #1 ... 10/10A-Bomb NightclubBarricaded Suspects201.37.234.42:10485Join
France MarkMods.com Game server hosting ... 0/20The Wolcott ProjectsBarricaded Suspects212.129.45.241:6480Join
Netherlands ITS Teamwork Server ... 0/5St. Michael's Medical CenterCO-OP77.160.113.148:10581Join
Brazil Clan <G|O|S> Brasil 24h ... 0/12A-Bomb NightclubBarricaded Suspects200.98.147.27:10785Join
Germany ||ESA|| Wild Wild West! VIP 1.1! ... 0/16The Wolcott ProjectsVIP Escort144.76.8.16:12280Join
United States MarkMods.com Game server hosting ... 0/20A-Bomb NightclubBarricaded Suspects162.251.118.172:12480Join
Germany Match Server ... 0/16Riverside Training FacilityBarricaded Suspects144.76.8.16:10480Join

Germany |ETS|Tactical Gaming PRO ... 0/10St. Michael's Medical CenterCO-OP5.9.64.179:11480Join
Germany |ETS|Tactical Gaming ... 0/10Victory Imports Auto CenterCO-OP5.9.53.70:7480Join
Poland |ESA| Polski Serwer Taktyczny | www.esa.ugu.pl ... 0/10-EXP- FunTime AmusementsCO-OP62.21.98.150:9485Join
Italy MarkMods.com Game server hosting ... 0/20-EXP- FunTime AmusementsVIP Escort158.58.173.41:5480Join
United States MarkMods.com Game server hosting ... 0/20-EXP- FunTime AmusementsVIP Escort108.61.25.3:9480Join
United States {KGB}REBEL'S_VAGINA ... 0/12Children of Taronne TenementBarricaded Suspects104.200.142.82:10480Join
United States NGZ SWAT4 ... 0/16-EXP- Drug LabVIP Escort184.91.63.128:10480
Sweden COOP ZONE ... 0/10Mt. Threshold Research CenterCO-OP46.236.126.135:10680Join
Sweden Pistol Zone ... 0/16Meat Barn RestaurantSmash And Grab46.236.126.135:10480Join
United States {DOA}ARIZONA ... 0/10Mt. Threshold Research CenterBarricaded Suspects72.46.152.198:7480Join
United States Dallas ... 0/12Qwik Fuel Convenience StoreBarricaded Suspects104.200.142.82:10580Join
Canada Argonath SWAT 4 TSS ... 0/10-EXP- Drug LabCO-OP198.100.154.59:10580Join
United States {KGB}Laura & Guns FunHoUsE ... 11/16-EXP- Drug LabBarricaded Suspects162.251.118.173:9480Join
United States MarkMods.com Game server hosting ... 0/20-EXP- FunTime AmusementsVIP Escort63.141.226.58:5480Join
Germany |||ALPHA||| International Community ... 0/10Food Wall RestaurantBarricaded Suspects144.76.8.16:12180Join
Germany www.BerkuT-ClaN.CoM|(Antics) ... 0/12Food Wall RestaurantBarricaded Suspects144.76.8.16:12680Join
Germany www.BerkuT-ClaN.CoM|(Antics) ... 0/6A-Bomb NightclubBarricaded Suspects144.76.8.16:12580Join
Brazil (( K )) BRASIL ® ... 0/16Food Wall RestaurantBarricaded Suspects179.235.228.121:10480Join
Netherlands ITS Teamwork Server ... 0/10-EXP- Stetchkov WarehouseCO-OP77.160.113.148:10881Join
United States MarkMods.com Game server hosting ... 0/20-EXP- Sellers Street AuditoriumVIP Escort104.247.202.53:7480Join
United States MarkMods.com Game server hosting ... 0/20-EXP- FunTime AmusementsVIP Escort64.187.238.42:6480Join
Germany --- Ao1 | Training & War --- ... 0/6A-Bomb NightclubBarricaded Suspects95.172.92.224:10680Join
Russia {UnsE} BS SERVER RUS ... 0/12Food Wall RestaurantBarricaded Suspects92.55.3.171:10490Join
Russia {UnsE} COOP ... 0/10Food Wall RestaurantCO-OP92.55.3.171:10480Join
Germany --- Ao1 | Alliance of One --- ... 0/12A-Bomb NightclubBarricaded Suspects144.76.8.16:11280Join
Sweden FREEDOM ZONE ... 0/16-EXP- Sellers Street AuditoriumSmash And Grab46.236.126.135:10580Join
Germany NLserverNL ... 0/16Old Granite HotelVIP Escort95.172.92.224:10980Join
United States Friends Of SWAT (ANTICS) ... 0/12Food Wall RestaurantBarricaded Suspects184.170.249.98:10580Join
Germany Russian DM Server ... 0/10-EXP- FunTime AmusementsBarricaded Suspects5.9.49.166:7480Join
France -==MYT Co-op Svr==- Custom maps on request! ... 2/10St. Michael's Medical CenterCO-OP62.210.142.5:11880Join
Germany |||ALPHA||| Non Lethal Server ... 0/10-EXP- Sisters of Mercy HostelCO-OP144.76.8.16:10880Join
France MarkMods.com Game server hosting ... 0/20-EXP- FunTime AmusementsVIP Escort212.129.45.241:11480Join