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v1.0 & v1.1

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SWAT 4 v1.0 & v1.1 only

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SWAT 4:The Stetchkov Syndicate only

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Germany MarkMods.com Game server hosting ... 0/20-EXP- Drug Lab5.9.53.214:8480Join

Denmark SAS Proving Ground 8 ... 0/10Red Library RMXCO-OP185.15.73.207:12480Join

Germany SS Hell SEF Auto-DL www.swat4.tk ... 0/10DuPlessis Diamond CenterCO-OP94.130.75.4:10480Join

United States MarkMods.com Game server hosting ... 0/20-MODv- Precinct HQ 1.1Barricaded Suspects104.247.202.50:5480Join

Germany WWW.HOUSEOFPAiN.TK (Antics) ... 0/12A-Bomb NightclubBarricaded Suspects31.186.250.156:10480Join
Poland |ESA| Polski Serwer Taktyczny | www.esa.ugu.pl ... 0/5The Wolcott ProjectsCO-OP62.21.98.150:9490Join
Germany Suspect's Heaven public | suspectsheaven.net ... 0/16The Wolcott ProjectsBarricaded Suspects5.9.50.39:8480Join
Germany ForeverUnited-Clanserver ... 0/5Old Granite HotelCO-OP5.9.50.58:27480Join
Argentina >|SS|<Argentina ... 2/16A-Bomb NightclubBarricaded Suspects190.0.163.30:10480Join
Germany WWW.KNIGHTofSORROW.IN (Antics) ... 7/12A-Bomb NightclubBarricaded Suspects31.186.250.32:10480Join
United States {«COLOMBIA»} AL MUNDIAL RUSSIA 2018!!! ;) ... 0/10A-Bomb NightclubBarricaded Suspects104.247.202.53:7480Join
United States L4K)» The Best ClanEver! ... 0/12A-Bomb NightclubBarricaded Suspects104.247.202.52:12480Join
Germany FKiNG MAGYAR's PLAYERS! ... 1/10Food Wall RestaurantBarricaded Suspects5.9.53.214:5480Join
United States |TzE|Training Zone ... 0/10A-Bomb NightclubBarricaded Suspects104.247.202.50:12480Join
Argentina By FNXGaming.com By FNXGaming.com By FNXGaming.com ... 0/12Food Wall RestaurantBarricaded Suspects190.0.163.101:10380Join
United States »s|4|s« Clan Latino Antics ... 0/10A-Bomb NightclubBarricaded Suspects104.247.202.53:6480Join
Germany only for PRO ... 1/5Food Wall RestaurantBarricaded Suspects5.9.53.214:13480Join
Canada KNIGHTofSORROW (NA)(ANTICS) ... 0/16Food Wall RestaurantBarricaded Suspects198.100.149.152:10480Join
Germany |KoS| War Server (Antics) ... 0/5The Wolcott ProjectsBarricaded Suspects213.239.213.102:10580Join
Germany YouTube Channel | RaPaTo PGO GaminG ... 0/8Food Wall RestaurantBarricaded Suspects213.239.213.102:10380Join
Germany RINETECH.COM GAMESERVER HOSTING ... 0/5Food Wall RestaurantBarricaded Suspects213.239.213.102:8880Join
United States »{CEL}«Comando Elite Latino! ... 0/9A-Bomb NightclubBarricaded Suspects104.247.202.50:7480Join
Germany hi lows ... 0/6A-Bomb NightclubBarricaded Suspects213.239.213.102:8780Join
Germany Ā«|SoH|Ā»Maps Auto-Download ... 0/12A-Bomb NightclubVIP Escort213.239.213.102:7280Join
Germany -=|Berkut|=-Best Publ GER(Antics) ... 0/16A-Bomb NightclubBarricaded Suspects5.9.50.58:23480Join
France b A R R A C U D A ... 0/4The Wolcott ProjectsBarricaded Suspects54.36.79.232:8880Join
United States b A R R A C U D A -USA- ... 0/10A-Bomb NightclubBarricaded Suspects45.77.75.245:10480Join
United States Swat's Heaven Public ... 0/16Food Wall RestaurantBarricaded Suspects64.187.238.45:21480Join
United Kingdom Forever United ... 8/18Brewer County CourthouseVIP Escort109.70.149.158:10480Join
Germany WorldMafia.net | Public Server ... 0/16A-Bomb NightclubVIP Escort89.163.135.60:10480Join
United States |ATS| Warzone Public Server ... 0/16A-Bomb NightclubBarricaded Suspects208.167.255.8:10580Join
Brazil SERVER BR 24H ® ... 0/16Food Wall RestaurantBarricaded Suspects168.227.49.220:12480Join
France pro^bros ... 0/14Mt. Threshold Research CenterBarricaded Suspects91.121.54.126:10490Join
Argentina «{Adictos al Swat }» By www.wecgaming.com ... 0/16A-Bomb NightclubBarricaded Suspects190.229.66.193:10480Join
France uS| War Server (Antics) ... 0/6A-Bomb NightclubBarricaded Suspects178.32.103.86:10450Join
France SWAT4Guide ... 0/8A-Bomb NightclubBarricaded Suspects91.121.54.126:10500Join
Brazil CEPO DE MADEIRA | VIP 1.0 ... 0/24Children of Taronne TenementVIP Escort191.249.152.180:10180Join

Poland |ESA| Polski Serwer Taktyczny | www.esa.ugu.pl ... 0/5Fairfax ResidenceCO-OP62.21.98.150:9495Join
Canada Argonath SWAT 4 ... 0/10The Wolcott ProjectsCO-OP198.100.154.59:10480Join
Netherlands ITS Teamwork ... 2/5Old Granite HotelCO-OP77.160.113.148:10581Join
Germany >>>>Camper's PoLsKa<<<<< ... 0/7Fairfax ResidenceBarricaded Suspects5.9.53.214:18480Join
Netherlands ||ESA||Exploration VIP (EU) ... 0/16St. Michael's Medical CenterVIP Escort80.56.61.61:10680Join
France Miguel's server coop ... 0/5Operation Apollo 1.1CO-OP212.129.45.241:9480Join
United States hLs| HighLander's ... 0/16Food Wall RestaurantBarricaded Suspects104.247.202.51:12480Join
Netherlands Sog-team.co.uk ... 0/6Victory Imports Auto CenterCO-OP77.160.113.148:11101Join
Netherlands Sog-team.co.uk VIP ... 0/16Mt. Threshold Research CenterVIP Escort77.160.113.148:11301
United States |ATS| Warzone Public Server ... 0/16Fairfax ResidenceBarricaded Suspects208.167.255.8:10480Join
Netherlands Sog-team.co.uk BS Pistol! ... 0/16Food Wall RestaurantBarricaded Suspects77.160.113.148:11401Join
Brazil SERVER BR 24H ® ... 0/16Food Wall RestaurantBarricaded Suspects168.227.49.220:10480Join
Brazil «G|O|S» Server 24h ® ... 0/16Food Wall RestaurantBarricaded Suspects168.227.49.220:13480Join
Brazil CEPO DE MADEIRA | VIP 1.1 ... 0/24Brewer County CourthouseVIP Escort191.249.152.180:10380Join
Brazil CEPO DE MADEIRA | BS 1.1 ... 0/16Food Wall RestaurantBarricaded Suspects191.249.152.180:10280Join

Poland |ESA| Polski Serwer Taktyczny | www.esa.ugu.pl ... 0/6Red Library OfficesCO-OP62.21.98.150:9485Join
Canada Argonath SWAT 4 TSS ... 0/10-EXP- Sisters of Mercy HostelCO-OP198.100.154.59:10580Join
Germany Mark ... 0/10-EXP- Department of AgricultureSmash And Grab5.9.50.39:6480Join
Netherlands ITS Teamwork ... 0/10-EXP- FunTime AmusementsCO-OP77.160.113.148:10881Join
United States {DOA}ARIZONA ... 0/10Food Wall RestaurantBarricaded Suspects64.187.238.42:7480Join
Denmark SAS Proving Ground 4 ... 0/10-EXP- FunTime AmusementsCO-OP185.15.73.207:11480Join
Germany UnsE|Greeb & Mavr FuNHoUse ... 10/12-EXP- Drug LabBarricaded Suspects88.99.154.115:10500Join
Germany Epic Coop ... 3/13-EXP- Sisters of Mercy HostelCO-OP88.99.154.115:10510Join
France {URNA} CZ/ ... 0/16Food Wall RestaurantBarricaded Suspects37.187.56.91:10480Join
Germany |ETS|Tactical Gaming PRO ... 0/10-EXP- Fresnal St. StationCO-OP5.9.53.70:11480Join
Germany SS Server www.swat4.pl ... 0/16-EXP- Department of AgricultureVIP Escort94.130.75.4:20480Join
United States Onyx Server ... 0/10Food Wall RestaurantCO-OP173.163.17.105:5550Join
United States Chem's COOP Server ... 0/5Food Wall RestaurantCO-OP64.187.238.43:5480Join
United States {KGB}Laura & Guns FuNHoUsE ... 0/16Qwik Fuel Convenience StoreBarricaded Suspects64.187.238.46:9480Join
Netherlands Sog-team.co.uk Pro-House! ... 0/10Mt. Threshold Research CenterCO-OP77.160.113.148:11201Join
Netherlands Sog-team.co.uk Smash & Grab! ... 0/16-EXP- Department of AgricultureSmash And Grab77.160.113.148:11501Join
Sweden FREEDOM ZONE ... 3/16Meat Barn RestaurantSmash And Grab90.224.108.224:10580Join
Netherlands Sog-team.co.uk Custom! ... 0/10Children of Taronne TenementCO-OP77.160.113.148:11601
Sweden COOP ZONE ... 0/10Northside VendingCO-OP90.224.108.224:10680Join
Brazil SERVER BR 24H ® ... 0/16Food Wall RestaurantBarricaded Suspects168.227.49.220:11480Join
Sweden Pistol Zone ... 0/16-EXP- Sisters of Mercy HostelSmash And Grab90.224.108.224:10480Join
Brazil CEPO DE MADEIRA | S&G EXP ... 0/24-EXP- Sellers Street AuditoriumSmash And Grab191.249.152.180:10480Join
Brazil CEPO DE MADEIRA | VIP EXP ... 0/24-EXP- Fresnal St. StationVIP Escort191.249.152.180:10680Join
Brazil CEPO DE MADEIRA | BS EXP ... 0/24Food Wall RestaurantBarricaded Suspects191.249.152.180:10580Join
Brazil CEPO DE MADEIRA | COOP EXP ... 0/24-EXP- Sisters of Mercy HostelCO-OP191.249.152.180:10780Join