About The Game server hosting

MarkMods is a registered company having its headquarters located in The Netherlands.
KVK nr: 55949479
BTW nr: NL002229718B68
Registered company name: MarkMods
Address: Jane Seymourlaan 15, Hoofddorp

  Choose Mark Mods

Mark Mods.com is the most innovative, reliable & affordable game server provider & gaming community since 2008. Focusing on retro games, for over 30 games.

  Quality network & hardware

Your game server hosted on a low ping network with a fast connectivity of 1000 Mbit/s. On quad, hexa & octa -core Windows Server 2008 systems. In Germany, for the best pings within Europe & USA.

  No hidden costs

Game servers are paid in advance, so you will never be surprised with additional costs. All payments are handled through PayPal, the most secure way to pay online.

  Always affordable

Gaming is about fun & pleasure, MarkMods.com buys in big and cheap and keeps the game servers low priced. Starting at a 64 slots private game server for just 5,99 EUR per month.

Our company vision

  • We have built our own Control Panel. That means we own it, we have no monthly costs.
  • We do not believe in discount codes and advertising with it.
  • As you probably noticed, we do not advertise, not anywhere. That is because we believe if we offer the right product which makes our clients happy, they will spread the word and advertise for us.
  • Due to no advertising, and our custom built control panel, we are able to invest those savings in quality hardware and still being able to provide our game servers at a very reasonable price :)
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