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What is a game server?

A game server is a place where you meet other gamers online. It makes gaming more interactive and more fun!

Why should I have my own game server?

You may join almost all game servers of others. The advantage of having your own game server, is that you are in control. You may decide which map/level to play. May that be with a private club of friends or anyone in the world. You will be in full control.

Do you help me with my game server?

We offer a so called unmanaged game server hosting, which means you are responsible of configuring your game server yourself.

What language does your support team speak?

Our support team is available in English, Dutch & German. However we only provide support in case of billing issues and refunds, we do not provide any technical support, you should have the knowledge of configuring the server yourself. Of course, we have a powerfull user friendly control panel which helps you A LOT with that :)

How do I pay?

We accept payments through
PayPal is the most safest payment methode over the internet and it's free to use for you, as a customer.

Is it safe to pay with a credit card over the Internet with you?

Yes it is. We accept payments through which is considered as the most safest way to pay online.

How soon is my game server active, if I order now?

We have automated the entire process, from payment to the server setup!
Your game server is online within minutes after your payments has been completed. Usually that is within 15 minutes!

Can I run my own custom mods, maps, tracks & cars?

Yes, we allow any kind of custom mod, map, track or car (pack), as long as the mod does not require an additional .exe to start.
You have full FTP access to upload all your mods & maps!

Why are the game servers of MarkMods so cheap?

  • We have built our own Control Panel. That means we own it, we have no monthly costs.
  • We do not believe in discount codes and advertising with it.
  • As you probably noticed, we do not advertise, not anywhere. That is because we believe if we offer the right product which makes our clients happy, they will spread the word and advertise for us.
  • Due to no advertising, and our custom built control panel, we are able to invest those savings in quality hardware and still being able to provide our game servers at a very reasonable price :)

What is the minimum contract?

You are free to go at any moment you like.
You pay in advance and once you stop paying for the server, it automatically stops.
A payment can be for 1, 3, 6 or 12 months.

How can I cancel my game server?

You can cancel your game server at any time, you can simply stop the payments through

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