Donation features - What do you get?


The Mark Mod is free downloadable and usable. Though with the time the mod expanded and became bigger and bigger.
Therefor I decided to make some features for donators only ;) To motivate me to continue my work.

When donating you receive coins, with those coins you can "upgrade" your server.
By upgrading your server you unlock all the donation-features.
Donations are accepted through paypal.

Donation features:

  • Serversided Anti Cheat (SMAC)
  • New GameType: Free For All
  • New GameType: Arrest And Rescue
  • More userfriendly webadmin
  • (Shared) Remote Ban List
  • Co-Op in-game information
  • 10 extra ingame-admin ranks
  • 30 individual webadmin accounts, with different rights
Check out the coinslist