Chicago Datacenter & Hardware

MarkMods uses a highly modern datacenter in Chicago, Illinois.
The datacenter comes with complete standard features, redundant storage, reliable public and private network architectures which allows maximum accessibility with a 99.999% uptime guarantee, flexibility, security efficiency, and control with best environment to empower and ensure your game server's up time.
To ensure the smooth operation of your game server through entire West-coast & Middle America, all our servers are equiped with E3-1230v3 @ 3.3Ghz, 16 GB DDR3 RAM, Microsoft Windows 8.1 PRO 64bit connected at 1000 Mbit/s ( 1 Gbit/s ! ).

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Chicago Demo servers

Game Server IP Players Map Name
ARMA 2 CO v1.6264.187.238.44:53020/0none
ARMA 364.187.238.42:73020/64none
COD4 v1.564.187.238.44:249600/24mp_crash
MOH SH64.187.238.42:92030/0none
Iron Europe64.187.238.43:112400/0none
Napoleonic Wars64.187.238.43:182400/0none
Napoleonic Wars64.187.238.43:82400/0none
Napoleonic Wars64.187.238.43:192400/0none
Napoleonic Wars64.187.238.43:212400/0none
Napoleonic Wars64.187.238.43:222400/0none
Viking Conquest64.187.238.43:152400/0none
MaB Fire & Sword64.187.238.43:62400/0none
rfactor64.187.238.45:351971/20Willowbank Dragstrip
rfactor64.187.238.44:351970/50Granby Tacky
rfactor64.187.238.42:531970/10Ipswich Hotrod
rfactor64.187.238.42:311970/10Alabama 500
rfactor64.187.238.43:351970/10Heartland Park NHRA Summer Nati
JK JA64.187.238.45:240702/12t3_hevil
JK JA64.187.238.44:260700/12mp/ffa1
SWAT4 TSS64.187.238.45:54800/20-EXP- FunTime Amusements
SWAT464.187.238.46:54800/20-EXP- Drug Lab
SWAT4 SSF64.187.238.46:94800/0none
SWAT464.187.238.46:124800/20Victory Imports Auto Center
* Policies on these demo dedicated servers we host are enforced by clients and not by MarkMods

Chicago Perfect Coverage Central US

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