Mark Mod V13.4

New MarkMod v13.4 patch download here the patch for the new Master Server List
New GezMod v22.1 patch download here the patch for the new Master Server List

The Mark Mod is developed for the game S.W.A.T. 4 Version 1.0 & Version 1.1 & The Stetchkov Syndicate.
The Modification is entirely server sided, so there is no need for the gamers to download or install anything!
The Mod is created and developed by MarkieBoy!

6.39 MB

SMAC - Server sided Anti Cheat

Based on new intuitive technologies, the first Anti Cheat Software which runs entirely server sided. Unlike UAC2 or any other anti cheat, gamers will be scanned for cheats and hacks automatically! Found cheaters will be banned and placed on the public banlist.

MUPS - Player Statistics

A new intuitive design for in-game statistics!
Every move, kill, arrest & sting of every player on your game server is recorded and saved automatically.

Cloud Banlists

No longer save your bans in your .ini files, save them in the cloud where they are always safe! Manage your banlist online through an easy to manage web interface at!

3 New Game types

Free for All: kill them all, with lethal grenades.
Arrest and Rescue: Capture all opponents, free all teammates.
Smash and Grab: Now also on v1.0 & v1.1, no need for TSS.

Modern Webadmin

Managing your game server has never been so easy with the built in web admin interface! It uses the latest web technologies which makes it extremely easy for you to keep your game server clean from annoying gamers!

Spawn Protection

Spawnraping, -killing, -camping, you name it.
The markmod has special built in formulas to prevent these gameplay spoilers!

Anti Bug

We from MarkMods love S.W.A.T. 4, but we've noticed quite a lot of bugs where other gamers take advantage of. We've fixed 90% of them, so gaming is about fun, skills & tactics again. Not about buggers!

Anti Campers

Sitting in a corner for over a minute, with a killing spree of over 100 of kills is not a real tactical game. With the MarkMod your game server will be camper free!

Anti Arrest Stealing

No longer allow gamers to kill opponents which are being arrested. The MarkMod will notify an admin or act immediatly! You config it!

10 & 30 new admin levels

With the advanced admin level config of the MarkMod you can fully control which admin has which rights. Trust some admins less than others? This is the solution!

Admin Notifications

The MarkMod will notify all ingame and webadmins about all important events in the game server. For example: Team-, gas, tase, flash, sting, melee, beanbag!