SWAT 4 Server List

v1.0 & v1.1

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SWAT 4 v1.0 & v1.1 only

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SWAT 4:The Stetchkov Syndicate only

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Germany WWW.HOUSEOFPAiN.TK (Antics) ... 4/13The Wolcott ProjectsBarricaded Suspects31.186.250.156:10480Join
Germany Suspect's Heaven Public Server ... 0/16Fairfax ResidenceBarricaded Suspects5.9.50.39:8480Join
United States L4K) The Best ClanEver! ... 0/12A-Bomb NightclubBarricaded Suspects64.187.238.42:12480Join
United States Testing MarkMod ... 0/16Fairfax ResidenceBarricaded Suspects64.187.238.42:22480Join
Germany uS|War Server By FRAGPLUS.COM ... 0/8Fairfax ResidenceBarricaded Suspects85.10.198.178:8680Join

United States New Goonland ... 0/10A-Bomb NightclubCO-OP64.187.238.46:12480
Germany VIP Public Server ... 0/16Food Wall RestaurantVIP Escort116.203.36.143:10480Join
United States [Asshat Gaming[Co-Op[1.1 ... 0/10Red Library OfficesCO-OP162.251.166.178:10480Join
Germany swat4amigos.eu NewMaps ... 0/4Star WarsCO-OP85.10.198.178:10620Join
Germany swat4amigos.eu cooP ... 0/4Children of Taronne TenementBarricaded Suspects5.9.53.70:9480Join
Brazil ||KMZ|| Tech BS 1.1_2 ... 0/10Qwik Fuel Convenience StoreBarricaded Suspects191.249.36.228:10380Join
Brazil ||KMZ|| Tech BS 1.1 ... 0/6Northside VendingBarricaded Suspects191.249.36.228:10280Join

Denmark SAS Proving Ground 4 ... 0/10California Security Bank TSSCO-OP185.15.73.207:11480Join
Germany nRg| discord.gg/KttAVyf (ANTICS) ... 0/10The Wolcott ProjectsBarricaded Suspects5.9.50.39:7480Join
United States Onyx Server ... 0/10Red Library OfficesCO-OP173.163.17.105:5550Join
United States Thursday Night Bros ... 0/10Food Wall RestaurantCO-OP64.187.238.46:8480
Czech Republic Swat Elite Team ... 0/6Red Library OfficesCO-OP195.113.170.67:10480Join
Germany NLserverNL ... 0/16Food Wall RestaurantVIP Escort5.9.53.70:6480Join
Sweden Pistol Zone ... 0/16Fairfax ResidenceSmash And Grab46.236.126.144:10480Join
Sweden FREEDOM ZONE ... 0/16-EXP- Sisters of Mercy HostelSmash And Grab46.236.126.144:10580Join
Sweden COOP ZONE ... 0/10Children of Taronne TenementCO-OP46.236.126.144:10680Join
Germany DOGS Server ... 0/16-EXP- Drug LabCO-OP46.4.146.27:10480Join
Germany FIRE IN THE SKY ... 0/8A-Bomb NightclubBarricaded Suspects85.10.198.178:11180Join

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