SWAT 4 Server List

v1.0 & v1.1

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SWAT 4 v1.0 & v1.1 only

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SWAT 4:The Stetchkov Syndicate only

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Germany SEF BTLA 1.6 EU www.swat4.tk ... 0/10-EXP- FunTime AmusementsCO-OP195.201.217.123:30480Join

Germany MarkMods.com Game server hosting ... 0/20-MODv- Precinct HQ 1.1CO-OP5.9.53.214:16480
China SSF PVP Server ... 0/16Fairfax ResidenceBarricaded Suspects124.221.172.4:10580Join

Germany Ballerbude ... 0/10A-Bomb NightclubBarricaded Suspects5.9.53.214:8480Join

Germany MarkMods.com Game server hosting ... 0/16-MODv- Precinct HQ 1.1Barricaded Suspects5.9.53.214:10480Join
Germany «|IF|»INTERFORCES BS ... 0/16Food Wall RestaurantBarricaded Suspects5.9.50.58:8480Join
Germany Legends Never Die coooP =) ... 0/4Qwik Fuel Convenience StoreCO-OP5.9.50.39:9480Join
Germany EUROPEAN SWAT4 PUBLIC | 1.1 ANTICS ... 1/10Food Wall RestaurantBarricaded Suspects5.9.50.39:18480Join
United States [Asshat Gaming[Co-Op[1.1 ... 0/10Fairfax ResidenceCO-OP104.238.220.173:10480Join
Germany Legends Never Die *pRo *2023 ... 0/4St. Michael's Medical CenterCO-OP5.9.50.39:17480Join
United States *** {WRS} Warriors *** ... 0/16The Wolcott ProjectsVIP Escort192.158.239.15:10480Join
United States SWAT TEAM KILLERS >S|T|K< ... 0/16A-Bomb NightclubBarricaded Suspects192.169.89.82:10490Join
Canada |CAN|Hyvo-Gaming Public Server|BS| ... 0/16A-Bomb NightclubBarricaded Suspects70.65.174.92:10480Join
Germany s e r v e r ... 0/14Food Wall RestaurantVIP Escort185.221.21.23:10480Join
Brazil SWAT4 BRASIL | 1.1 ... 8/16A-Bomb NightclubBarricaded Suspects177.25.85.47:10480Join
United Kingdom DL from ShambleS ... 0/16Riverside Training FacilityBarricaded Suspects109.155.30.155:10480Join

Denmark SAS Proving Ground 4 ... 0/10Red Library OfficesCO-OP185.15.73.207:11480Join
Germany WWW.EPiCS.TOP ... 0/19Qwik Fuel Convenience StoreBarricaded Suspects185.107.96.213:10480Join
China SWAT4X PVP Server ... 0/16Food Wall RestaurantBarricaded Suspects124.221.172.4:10520Join
China SWAT4X COOP Server ... 0/10Red Library OfficesCO-OP124.221.172.4:10560Join
Germany »|WLP|«Ladder8x8 ONLINE ... 0/16The Wolcott ProjectsBarricaded Suspects157.90.213.24:10680Join
Italy FIREIN THESKY ... 0/10-EXP- Drug LabVIP Escort95.110.133.131:10480Join
Germany »|WLP|«PubL S&G ONLINE ... 0/16Red Library OfficesBarricaded Suspects157.90.213.24:10880Join