SWAT 4 Server List

v1.0 & v1.1

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SWAT 4 v1.0 & v1.1 only

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SWAT 4:The Stetchkov Syndicate only

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United States MarkMods.com Game server hosting ... 0/20-MODv- Precinct HQ 1.1Barricaded Suspects64.187.238.46:9480Join

Germany WWW.HOUSEOFPAiN.TK (Antics) ... 4/13A-Bomb NightclubBarricaded Suspects31.186.250.156:10480Join
Germany uR war server ... 0/6The Wolcott ProjectsBarricaded Suspects85.10.198.178:8580Join

Germany Zona4D ... 0/5A-Bomb NightclubCO-OP5.9.53.214:6480Join
United States VIP PUBLIC SERVER! ... 0/16A-Bomb NightclubVIP Escort64.187.238.42:12480Join
Germany (Eur)V1.1coop(https://teleport.sg) ... 0/5Old Granite HotelCO-OP148.251.139.190:10480Join
United States *** {WRS} Warriors *** ... 8/16Meat Barn RestaurantVIP Escort64.187.238.45:7480Join
Germany VIP Public Server ... 0/16Food Wall RestaurantVIP Escort116.203.36.143:10480Join
United States [Asshat Gaming[Co-Op[1.1 ... 0/10Children of Taronne TenementCO-OP162.251.166.178:10480Join
United States Clan{<COL>}OMBIA Server by Rexona(Antics) ... 10/10A-Bomb NightclubBarricaded Suspects103.195.100.218:10480Join
United States Team >N|A|B< Pro's ... 0/6A-Bomb NightclubBarricaded Suspects103.195.100.218:10490Join
United States TEAM|TAT|CHAMPIONS! ... 0/16Food Wall RestaurantBarricaded Suspects103.195.100.218:10500Join
United States Clan {COL}ombia Public Server#2 ... 0/12A-Bomb NightclubBarricaded Suspects103.195.100.218:10510Join
United States |FBS| >>> PUBLIC SERVER V1.1 (ANTICS) ... 0/14Food Wall RestaurantBarricaded Suspects103.195.100.218:10520Join
Argentina Swat4Argentina ... 3/10A-Bomb NightclubBarricaded Suspects45.235.98.26:10280Join
United States Elite Troops Server ... 0/16Food Wall RestaurantBarricaded Suspects74.91.127.200:5469Join
Germany swat4amigos.eu 1.1 ... 0/5Old Granite HotelCO-OP85.10.198.178:10630Join

Denmark SAS Proving Ground 4 ... 3/10-EXP- Sisters of Mercy HostelCO-OP185.15.73.207:11480Join
Germany FIRE IN THE SKY ... 0/8A-Bomb NightclubBarricaded Suspects85.10.198.178:11180Join
United States Fruit Punch(HL) S&G ... 0/16A-Bomb NightclubSmash And Grab97.84.210.37:10480Join
Germany NLserverNL ... 0/16-EXP- FunTime AmusementsVIP Escort5.9.50.58:24480Join
Germany UNSE.SU/discord ... 4/16Fairfax ResidenceBarricaded Suspects85.10.202.172:10500Join
Sweden FREEDOM ZONE ... 0/16Children of Taronne TenementSmash And Grab78.72.91.6:10580Join
Sweden Pistol Zone ... 0/16Old Granite HotelSmash And Grab78.72.91.6:10480Join
Sweden COOP ZONE ... 2/10A-Bomb NightclubCO-OP78.72.91.6:10680Join
United Kingdom Team Awesome ... 0/10Qwik Fuel Convenience StoreCO-OP78.146.29.123:10480Join
Germany Euro*CustomMaps*coop(https://teleport.sg) ... 0/6Qwik Fuel Convenience StoreCO-OP85.10.198.178:10880Join

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